Real Estate

The annual GDP for the US real estate industry is $1.14 trillion in 2019 alone, approximately 5% of the US economy.

Capital Services We Provide for Real Estate Projects

Raising Equity, Mezzanine, and Debt Capital for:

  • Acquisitions
  • Development
  • Recapitalization

Whether the business opportunity is a single project or a portfolio of real estate, our approach to optimizing the cost of capital through strategic structuring delivers.

  • Our principal real estate finance experience lies within industrial and manufacturing, seniors housing, and multi-family housing.

Success is built, as they say, one brick at a time. Real estate developers are an enduring people, accustomed to surmounting mighty obstacles. We know from experience that accelerating the timeline preserves lost revenue, which cost can be balanced against the return profile to make objective decisions about the cost of capital.

Stonebridge Securities bankers have lived that role and we empathize with every step in the process. Understanding the inherent nature of real estate means that when you elect to engage Stonebridge, you are selecting a banker that knows how to navigate the capital markets to better your outcome.